Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (Modified) (1X Solution) Without L-Glutamine

Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (Modified) (1X Solution) Without L-Glutamine

Synonyms MEM 1X Liquid, Modified

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Product Description

MEM, originally prepared by Harry Eagle, is one of the most popular cell culture media. Upon his attempts to cultivate normal mammalian fibroblasts and certain HeLa cell subtypes, it was revealed that the nutritional needs of these cell types could not be met by BME. Further studies led to the development of MEM incorporating specific modifications such as higher amino acid concentrations for the cultivation of fastidious cells. MP's MEM may be used to support the growth of cells in monolayers, in suspension and wide variety of other cell types with proper supplementation. MP offers MEM with either Earle's or Hanks' salts.

Key Applications

Mammalian Cell Culture

SKU 0912102-CF
Alternate Names MEM 1X Liquid, Modified
Base Catalog Number 1210254,1210254X6
Concentration 1X Liquid
Applications Mammalian Cell Culture
Physical Appearance Red Clear Liquid
Storage and Handling Store at 0-5°C.